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Graphic Design Exercises
Illustrator: Type on aCurve (Wisegarver)


To learn type on curve techniques by example. To learn Adobe Illustrator's layering techniques and precise drawing tools by recreating the art below:


prepping the art

  1. download above PNG file (RMB on image: download image to disk)
  2. launch Illustrator
  3. file > new (profile=print), save as ""
  4. practice navigation shortcuts (space + cmd + option; cmd-0, cmd-1, cmd-Y)
  5. file > place "wisegarver.png" (as template)
  6. view outlines (cmd-Y)
  7. new layer "circle", draw large circle from center (option-shift), fill black
  8. draw small circle from center, fill none, stroke white, stroke weight=3pt
  9. rename "layer 1" as "circles"
  10. new layer "stars" (lock previous layer)
  11. make one triangle: polygon tool, use arrow keys to delete sides, shift key to constrain; fill black, stroke none
  12. position triangle at top, adjust size
  13. window > info
  14. rotate triangle: use rotate tool, drag center of rotation to center of art; rotate to match template (note angle), undo
  15. copy triangle: opt+click center, type in 12 degrees, click COPY
  16. object > transform > transform again (cmd+D)

adding type to curves

  1. new layer "type" (lock previous layer)
  2. draw circle to match baseline of type
  3. using type on path tool, type "WISEGARVER"; select all (cmd-A)
  4. spec type: futura condensed medium (cmd-T), center (cmd+shift+C), fill white
  5. make type larger (cmd+shift+>), make tracking looser (cmd+shift+]); adjust rotation (drag I-beam)
  6. duplicate "type" layer (hide previous layer)
  7. rotate type 180 degrees; flip type (drag on I-beam); adjust baseline shift
  8. change type to "CONSTRUCTION"; adjust tracking, adjust rotation

finishing the logo

  1. make bullets: draw circle, fill white, dupe and position
  2. new layer "W" (lock previous layer)
  3. point type: "W", spec Bellevue, adjust size to match template
  4. shear tool: slant type; fill white
  5. view preview (cmd-Y), hide template, save


  1. clean-up printable area: add your name and exercise number (9pt Helvetica, 1/2" from bottom and right)
  2. print a proof for grading
  3. file your graded proof in your Process Book for individual review

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