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Give your students, teachers, and families a moving experience they'll never forget!
Give them an opportunity to learn with Kate Kuper


Kate teaches creative movement and dance to children, teachers, college students and families.

During her career as a professional choreographer in Chicago (1981-86), Kuper received recognition from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Illinois Arts Council.

She has performed for and taught pre-school through middle school students since 1982, inspiring thousand of children to move and learn.

Kate also trains others to teach. The author of three instructional audio CDs, AlphaBeat (2001), Step On The Beat (1998) and Songs for Dancing (1994), Kuper promotes accessible movement activities for use in classrooms, dance studios, day care, and at home.

She is a Visiting Lecturer in the Dance Department at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, a professional development presenter for the Kennedy Center (Washington, D.C.) a consultant to school districts and educational organizations, and a teaching artist who conducts arts residencies in Illinois schools.

Kuper teaches a concept-based approach to dance focusing on pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade children.

She has been on the roster of the Illinois Arts Council’s Arts-in-Education program since 1982, and conducts two to six residencies annually. In 2000, Kuper received acknowledgment for her outstanding contribution to the field through a Service Recognition Award from the Illinois Alliance for Arts Education.

Kate also teaches integrated curriculum: language arts, science, math and social studies learned through movement, rhythm, rhyme and music. An article describing her work in curriculum integration through dance, visual arts and social studies appeared in the March, 2000 issue of Art Education magazine. In 2002, Kuper traveled to Taipei, Taiwan to conduct an intensive workshop for 100 teachers on movement and its integration into core learning areas.

To help foster a new generation of movement educators, Kate currently teaches “Creative Dance for Children” to students at the University of Illinois. Students learn to teach children and practice teach, under Kate’s direction, to four and five-year-olds and six and seven-year-olds. These children’s classes are open to the community and meet on Saturday mornings. There is a 10-week fall semester, an 8-week spring semester and a 6-week summer semester. For area residents interested in enrolling their children in the classes, please contact the U of I Department of Dance directly: dance@uiuc.edu

Kuper collaborates with her husband, percussionist Rocky Maffit, on recording projects and in schools where Rocky provides live, original music for student choreography and performance.