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Internship Information for Students


If you are an AAS degree-seeking graphic design major at Parkland College, you will need to complete at least one internship prior to graduation. You can choose between COM 292 Internship & Seminar or GDS 292 Graphic Design Studio. Your academic advisor can help you choose the right class.

If you've been accepted into GDS 292, simply go to your class on the first day. If you registered for COM 292, then read on.

How do I begin the internship process?
  1. You are highly encouraged to start COM 292 early, even before the semester begins. This is because obtaining a quality internship may take some time and you don't want to wait until the last minute to start looking. Internship opportunities are just like jobs. The good ones are scarce and obtaining a top internship position is competitive. So don't delay and start your "job hunt" early.
  2. Seek out and apply for positions that are related to your career. Consider including permanent full-time and part-time positions as well as temporary or internship positions in your job search.
  3. Once you've been offered an eligible employment or internship, ask your employer to fill out a Training Agreement (RTF document) and email that document to your instructor for approval.
  4. To earn 3 credits and to pass COM 292, you will need to work at an internship position for 150 hours (10 hours per week for 15 weeks). If you don't have an internship position lined up by the second week of the semester, you'll have to work longer hours later in the semester to make up for the lost time.
  5. At the end of your 150 hours, your employer will need to complete an Employer Evaluation Form (RTF document). You will also need to complete a Student Self-Evaluation Form (RTF document) and participate in online discussions to receive credit for COM 292.
  6. Students are responsible for all internship documentation. Failure to submit proper documentation could delay your ability to receive COM 292 credit, and/or your eligibility for graduation.
  7. Note: You may start your internship early and bank some hours toward the next semester. Please discuss this option with your COM 292 instructor.
How do I find an internship or job?
  1. Finding an internship is just like finding a job. Network (ask everyone you know including your instructor), make cold calls (who do you want to work for?) and get lucky (being in the right place at the right time always helps).
  2. Once you have a lead, then you'll need to apply with a résumé and a portfolio. Your résumé should be all type and be free of spelling and grammar errors (do NOT spend the time to develop a logo for yourself, you'll be doing that in GDS 293). Your portfolio should be a multi-page PDF file (print it out on 8.5x11 paper for face-to-face interviews). You do NOT need a portfolio case (a nice looking folder will do just fine).
  3. Employers frequently contact Parkland's Graphic Design Program in search of students for internships and employment. Often we post that information on our GDS News Announcements Group (students should apply to be members of this group). Some exclusive internship positions are available only to registered COM 292 students. Please contact Paul Young for access to those listings.
  4. Parkland's Career Center also provides a wide array of resources for students seeking employment, including the College Central Network online job board where you can search for jobs or post your résumé for prospective employers. The staff in the Career Center can also help you write cover letters and résumés, practice interviews, and develop job search strategies. If you need additional feedback on your résumé and PDF portfolio, please contact Paul Young.
  5. CUDO has an excellent local job board. Become a member to receive regular emails and updates or like their Facebook page to find out about the latest job board postings.

If you have any questions about the process, please contact Paul Young.

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