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Transferring to ISU


AFA degree students who wish to transfer to Illinois State University's graphic design program to pursue a BS, BA or BFA degree should follow these instructions to facilitate the transfer.

  1. Apply to be admitted to ISU by following the instruction at Start this process one semester before you anticipate receiving your AFA degree.
  2. Prepare a multi-page PDF of 10 to 13 projects from your portfolio. The images should be no larger than 1280x720 and the total file size of the PDF should not exceed 10MB (see detailed specifications below).
  3. Once your PDF portfolio has been reviewed, Parkland College will submit your work on your behalf to ISU's graphic design admissions committee. You do not have to submit any other portfolio samples in any other format.
  4. You will be notified directly by ISU whether you have been accepted into their graphic design sequence. Once accepted, you will enter ISU as a junior.

Detailed specifications for the PDF:

  1. On the first page label or identify the PDF presentation with your name, email address, current school, the current semester.
  2. On the second page, provide a table of contents which simply but clearly lists the contents on each remaining page. The table of contents should be a numbered list with name of project and its circumstance (i.e. from which design class, art class or client).
  3. On the remaining pages, include graphic design and creative work from two categories: 
    • 8–10 pieces selected from all your graphic design classes.
    • 2–3 pieces selected from any other art classes (such as drawing, sculpture, photography, printmaking) and/or client-based or personal graphic design pieces done outside of class. 
  4. Each project should be formatted as follows: 
    • One page for a text introduction. Include title of project, class or client, semester and year, software/materials used, dimensions, and a brief description up to 100 words. Include any necessary links (i.e. YouTube and Vimeo) here as well.
    • Up to two more pages to showcase the project through images. Maximum of 3 images on a page, maximum of 5 images for each project.
  5. Save PDF as: YourLastName_YourFirstName_semester.pdf

ISU will review applications twice a year: on the first Tuesday in October and again the first Tuesday in March. Your materials must be submitted the Friday before the portfolio review date.

If you have any questions about the process, please contact Paul Young.

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