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Graphic Design Exercises
Illustrator: Workmark (Lubalin)


To learn the art of creating wordmarks. To learn Adobe Illustrator's type manipulation tools by recreating the following wordmark by Herb Lubalin:


Herb Lubalin created this wordmark (a.k.a. logotype) for his magazine called "Avant Garde" in 1968. Stylistically, this wordmark has all of Lubalin's trademark nuances: tight letterspacing, overlapping shapes, clever alignments. The end result is a truly modern mark that visually communicates the meaning of the phrase "avant garde."

  1. download font (turn on)
  2. download above image (right click > save image as)
  3. launch Illustrator
  4. file > new (cmyk); save file as ""
  5. file > place "avant.jpg" (as template layer)
  6. using type tool, type "AVANT GARDE"
  7. spec font ITC Avant Garde Medium
  8. make type large
  9. change all "A"s and the "V" to Avant Garde Medium Alternates
  10. kern letters (option + left arrow) and adjust leading (option + up arrow) to roughly match template
  11. select tool: copy type object (move + option)
  12. type > create outlines; ungroup
  13. viw > outlines (cmd+Y)
  14. align outlines with template
  15. modify outlines with direct selection tool
  16. window > pathfinder: use "Minus Front" to cut objects as needed
  17. hide template, save


  1. add your name and the exercise number to the file
  2. clean-up your printable area and add credit.
    In 9pt Helvetica, 1/2" from bottom and right side of the page add:
    Exercise #: Exercise Name
    Your Name
  3. print a proof for grading
  4. file your graded proof in your Process Book for individual review

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