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Graphic Design Exercises
InDesign: Opening a New InDesign Document


To learn how to open a new, custom sized document. To learn how to import graphics and set type in InDesign by recreating this business card:

sample card

  1. download starter files
  2. launch InDesign; open a New Document (command-N)
  3. 1 page; no facing pages; page size: 21p0 x 12p0 (or 3.5 in x 2 in); 1 column; margins: 1p6
  4. more options: bleed 0p9 all around; OK; save as yourname-X2.indd; continue to save after each step
  5. rename "layer 1" as "logo"
  6. file > place: MKHBlogo.eps; position it so that the type is centered on the card and fits between the guidlelines; command-shift and drag a handle to resize
  7. new layer "text"
  8. file > place "mkh.txt"; split text into two logical text frames
  9. select "Organic...": 5/10 Futura Bold, all caps, centered (cmd+shift+C)
  10. window > swatches: fill=PMS 2613
  11. select last asterisk and replace with line break (shift+RETURN)
  12. select asterisk and change to Zapf Dingbats
  13. type > glyphs: double-click 6-pointed star; size=8 pt;
    baseline shift =-1 pt; tint=25%
  14. copy and paste over the other asterisk
  15. select all the type: increase tracking (opt+left/right arrow)
  16. select all address type: 8/11 Futura Light
  17. type > tabs (cmd+shift+T): add a right-align tab at 18 picas; and add tabs and line breaks to text
  18. select "Located..." and italicize (cmd+shift+I), reduce size by 1/2 pt
  19. select "Mary Kay Roney" and bold (cmd+shift+B), fill=PMS 2613
  20. note how the phone number appears to have less space above than the other lines (why?); increase leading by 1 pt
  21. new layer "gradient"; restack to bottom
  22. file > place "gradient.psd"; position against bleed
  23. view > display performance > high quality display; W to preview
  24. make final adjustments; does optical spacing look better?
  25. file > print (centered, with printer's marks & bleeds)
  26. file > adobe PDF presets > smallest file size (with printer's marks & bleeds) and drop in Angel for grading

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