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AlphaBeat | Step On the Beat | Songs for Dancing



"This CD is great! I loved all the songs."
John Smith, DanceBeat Magazine


For Step On the Beat Kuper selected from among her most successful, kid-tested activities and added clear voice prompts over music composed by collaborators Neal Robinson and Rocky Maffit.

It ís easy to follow along as you guide your students through the activities, or you can invent new ways of working with the material using the Instrumental Only tracks.

Step On the Beat is ideal for late primary, intermediate and middle school movement activities. The sequence begins with a rhythmic warm up (Clap Along Song), a rhyming call and response (Opposites), and a movement ice breaker (Step On the Beat). The next two tracks (Hinging and Over the Top) are excellent warm up or stretch break activities on their own or related to curriculum (study of the joints of the body, math or shape concepts). Shape Maker/Shape Explorer teaches awareness of positive and negative space and prepositional concepts as well as developing paired social skills.

The CD comes with a companion guide which provides lyrics, teaching suggestions, activity focus to align the material with other school learning objectives, suggestions for working the Instrumental Only tracks, and basic concepts for understanding personal and group space and audience and performer skills.

Step On the Beat will get you and your students up and moving, and is an excellent resource for music, physical education and classroom teachers.

Step On the Beat is available directly from the author or through West Music.
$17 plus tax & shipping. To order: www.westmusic.com