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"This CD is great! I loved all the songs."
John Smith, DanceBeat Magazine


Songs for Dancing, a collection of fifteen creative movement song and dance activities, was created especially for children in the pre-school and early primary grades. Perfect for Early Childhood, Early Start, Head Start, Kindergarten, day care center and home care providers. CD comes with instructional guide which provides lyrics, teaching suggestions and activity focus to align the material with other school learning objectives.

Song List Includes:
Down By the Station – train song to enter and leave the dance space
Welcome Song – sing and move to say hello!
Everybody Do This – for sequencing, recalling and warming up
Here We Go Round And Round – A Hokey Pokey, Looby Loo combination circle dance
The Shape Song – sequence body shapes using circle, triangle, square and crazy shape ideas
Stick Together Game –models a fun shape-making activity done alone, in pairs or groups
Walking Song – walk, hop, run and stop sequence
Skipping – slow, medium and fast pulse to learn skip
Galloping – pony galloping song
Jumping Beans – jumping on two feet in different directions
Right and Left Hands – to learn right from left
Little Birdies – active and restful creative activity, much loved!
Flea Song – using the whole body, bottom to top and down again, as a stretch and cool down
Little Arabella Miller – up and down again, the caterpillar crawls
Goodbye Song – to end the class, the day, the week, the year!

Available directly from the author by sending an email to kate@katekuper.com. $15 plus shipping and handling