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"You have taught me so much over these past semesters and I cannot thank you enough. I hope to incorporate all of the wonderful things you have taught me into my own practices."
Rachel Wagner, Class of 2005


Lessons are based on the concepts of space, time, force and body and may include folk dance, simple or complex choreographic projects or dance explorations that also teach core curriculum: science, language arts, math or social studies.

As a means of studying curriculum, dance is an excellent way to embody the sequences of a scientific process, grasp the meaning of prepositions, understand through muscle memory the nature of symmetry, or feel the emotional upheaval of a runaway slave.

Kate always includes a brain-compatible warm up in her lessons, so that students can benefit from the profound effects of better brain organization for overall learning.

Kate has taught dance in the schools as a Teaching Artist since 1982.







For Illinois schools, matching funds are available through the Illinois Arts Council’s Arts-in-Education or Quickstart programs. For further informations please visit this web site. www.state.il.us/agency/iac or info@arts.state.il.us

All workshops and residencies are developed in consultation with Kate. Fees include plan and travel time and may also include supplies and guest artist.