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Graphic Design Exercises
Poster: Dance


To interpret another designer's concept sketch. To review typography hierarchy systems. To learn print production techniques by creating a press-ready digital file for a poster based on the sketch below:



preparing for the exercise

  1. download starter files
  2. inspect downloaded files
  3. open PSD file in photoshop
  4. create shadow to match JPEG files

creating the layout

  1. in InDesign, create a new one-page document (22x17 inches)
  2. import EPS logo file; inspect color palette
  3. import JPEG images, size and position
  4. import text, select appropriate fonts
  5. create letters to spell out "dance"
  6. choose appropriate colors
  7. add border
  8. print color proof for critique (reduced to fit 17x11 inches)
  9. print "full-size" color proof for critique (tiled to fit two 17x11 pages)
  10. submit tiled paper proof with your name on it for grading
  11. file graded proof in your 3-ring binder for individual review

general checklist: preparing files for the printer

  1. add bleeds (if needed)
  2. create "rich blacks" (i.e. 100K+50C) (if needed)
  3. preview printing plates (window > output preview)
  4. check scaling, resolution, color mode of images (scanned and vector)
  5. check colors (CMYK vs Pantone), delete unused colors
  6. spell check (edit > check spelling)
  7. add your name to bottom of file as a "slug" (optional)
  8. file > package: package (look for warnings)
  9. file > PDF export presets: press quality (bleeds, printer's marks)
  10. also see


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