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Photoshop: Working with Selections


To be introduced to Photoshop's selection and masking tools by recreating the following art:


Because of the number of pixels in a typical image, making a selection in Photoshop is somewhat more challenging than in a word processing program. This is why Photoshop gives to many different tools to make a selection. Since some selections may take quite some time and effort, Photoshop also gives you many ways to save and retrieve a selection.


working with layers

  1. download starter files
  2. open "man.jpg" in Photoshop
  3. practice Adobe navigation keyboard shortcuts:
    space = hand;
    space+cmd = zoom in;
    space+cmd+opt = zoom out;
    cmd+zero = fit in window
  4. practice zooming in and out: cmd +/-
  5. window > workspace > default
  6. save as "man.psd"
  7. change "Background" layer to a normal layer (double-click)
  8. duplicate "layer 1", hide original layer (tip: always duplicate layers before executing destructive actions)

working with selections

  1. try the following tools: eraser, marquee, lasso (opt-click)
  2. select > save selection; select > load selection; DELETE
  3. edit in quick mask mode (to retouch selection)
  4. layer > add layer mask; inverse mask (cmd+I)
  5. layer > layer style > bevel & emboss

creating a composite

  1. open "wires.jpg" in Photoshop
  2. move the image into "man.psd", restack layer
  3. scale/rotate image (cmd+T)
  4. image > adjust > levels
  5. image > adjust > hue/saturation
  6. try other stock images from
  7. file > print with preview
  8. also publish to Google Page Creator

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