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GDS 102 Graphic Design History
Homework Assignments

Instructor: Liza Wynette


To learn about graphic design through textbook readings, video lectures and other assignments. To become proficient with digital tools for productivity and communication. To become independent lifelong learners.

Note: This is a peer-reviewed assignment. The quality of the work you do will be graded by your classmates.


Using discussion forums, students will work together as a group to check each other's reading comprehension of the required textbook Megg's History of Graphic Design and video lectures on (free for current Parkland students). The following chart lists the Graphic Styles slide lectures with corresponding pages in the textbook (along with related optional movie recommendations for extra credit):

  Graphic Style
(or topic)
Textbook Chapter
(with recommended movies)
HW#2 Origins of Print Part 1 Prologue
(Recommended movie:
Cave of Forgotten Dreams)
HW#3 Graphic Arts Part 2 Graphic Renaissance 72–145
HW#3 Graphic Arts Ch 9 Industrial Revolution
(Recommended movie:
The Governess)
HW#4 Victorian Victorian Era
(Recommended movie:
The Importance of Being Ernest or The Young Victoria)
HW#4 Arts & Crafts Ch 10 Arts & Crafts 186–207
HW#5 Art Nouveau Ch 11 Art Nouveau
(Recommended movie:
Moulin Rouge)
HW#5 Art Nouveau Ch 12 Genesis of 20th Century Design
(Recommended movie:
Bride of the Wind)
HW#6 Early Modern New Objectivity 254–263
HW#6 Early Modern Ch 13 Influence of Modern Art
(Recommended movie:
L'age D'or)
HW#6 Early Modern Ch 14 Pictorial Modernism 290–306
HW#6 Early Modern Ch 15 New Language of Form 316–343
HW#6 Early Modern Ch 16 Bauhaus and New Typography 344–369
HW#6 Art Deco Postcubic Pictorial Modernism
(Recommended movies:
Metropolis or The Artist)
  American Kitsch (no reading)  
HW#8 Late Modern Ch 17 Modern Movement in America 370–389
HW#8 Late Modern Ch 19 New York School
(Recommended movie:
Down With Love)
HW#9 Swiss / International Ch 18 International Typographic Style
(Recommended movie:
HW#9 Swiss / International Ch 20 Corporate Identity and Visual Systems 438–463
HW#10 Psychedelic Poster Mania
(Recommended movie:
Yellow Submarine or Died Young Stayed Pretty)
HW#11 Postmodern Ch 22 Postmodern
(Recommended movie:
Natural Born Killers)
HW#11 Deconstructivism Ch 24 Digital Revolution
(Recommended movie:
HW#12 Contemporary Ch 21 Conceptual Image
(Recommended movies:
Pirates of Silicon Valley or Jobs or Steve Jobs or Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine or Milton Glaser: To Inform and Delight)
HW#12 Contemporary Ch 23 National Visions 512–569

  1. Login to your Cobra Learning account every week at or
  2. Select "CONTENT," then select the assignment for the week and follow the instructions
  3. Post your completed assignment by Monday at 11:30pm (spelling, grammar and clarity of thought count!)
  4. Read and respond to at least 6 of your classmates by Thursday at 11:30pm (respond to posts that have the least number of responses)
  5. While responding to your classmates' posts, score their homework assignment by assigning one to five stars to their posts based on the grading rubric below.
Grading Rubic All components completed Most components completed Some components missing
Excellent content and clarity of thought (with no spelling/grammar errors) 5 Stars 4 Stars 3 Stars
Good content and clarity of thought (and/or some spelling/grammar errors) 4 Stars 3 Stars 2 Stars
Poor content (and/or many spelling/grammar errors) 3 Stars 2 Stars 1 Star

Students whose scores average 4 stars or more will receive a passing grade for each assignment (pending instructor review).

Extra Credit

If you watch an extra credit movie, write a 300-word review (minimum) of the movie. Be sure to comment on story, performance, direction, cinematography, lighting, sets, costumes, themes and how the movie relates to graphic design history and that week's reading. Quality reviews will earn an extra point. All extra credit movies are available at Parkland Library, Netflix or other movie streaming services. Please include the words "extra credit movie review" in your post.


Your initial post is due Monday at 11:30pm of every week. You must also respond to your teammates' posts by the following Thursday at 11:30pm.

Note: Homework assignments are graded pass/fail. Full credit will be given each week only if both parts of the assignment are completed on time.

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