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GDS 102 Graphic Design History
Field Trip 1: Rare Book Library

Instructor: Liza Wynette


To gain a historical perspective about graphic design. To conduct first-hand research by meeting and talking with professionals in the field.


Friday, September 8 at 12:30pm
UIUC Rare Book & Manuscript Library
Room 346, Main Library Building, 1408 W Gregory Dr, Urbana
Metered parking is usually available at the 6th & Armory lot (bring quarters)

Registration is required. Please review the Rare Book Library Policies, then create a visitor "Research Account" prior to the field trip date (your research topic is "early printing"). On the day of the field trip, you must bring a photo ID.


University of Illinois's Rare Book Library has a great collection of early printing by Garamond, Froben, Bodoni and others. They also have pages from the original Gutenberg bible printed in mid 1400s. Students can look at and touch many of these rare artifacts and admire the fine craftsmanship of these printers and designers. Anna Chen will be our guest lecturer for the day.

  1. Visit each host's website before the field trip (linked above when available). It always helps to know a little about each location before your visit.
  2. Write down a few questions you may wish to ask during your field trip.
  3. Please arrange your own car pooling. If you are driving, familiarize yourself with the area by inspecting the map link above. It is recommended that you arrive early. Anticipate traffic and parking problems. If you are late, you may not be allowed to join the tour.
  4. When you are in our host’s space, please show respect by not talking amongst yourselves or making unnecessary noise. There will always be a question-and-answer period during the tour. If at all possible, save your questions until then.
  5. Note taking is highly recommended. Material covered during field trips could be on the quiz scheduled later this semester.

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