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GDS 108 Design Media and Principles
Lynda Tutorials

Instructor: Liza Wynette & Paul Young


To learn advanced technical skills through self-guided video tutorials on To become independent lifelong learners.


Every week, you will be assigned video tutorial(s) on (see playlist). Completed Lynda tutorials will be graded pass/fail (based on the quality of your submission).

Note: Credit will be given each week only if your assignment is uploaded to Cobra's dropboxes on time.

Tech note: Some exercise files will require access to Typekit fonts. Unless you already have a paid Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, ignore this instruction. Since Parkland already owns the entire Adobe Type Library, we do not recommend Typekit subscriptions for students.

You will need access to the Adobe Suite to complete Lynda tutorials.

  1. Login to your account every week from or
  2. View the playlist for this class, download the exercise file(s) and do the tutorial(s) for the week (see schedule below)
  3. Save the finished tutorial file(s) in PDF format (smallest file size)
  4. Using Cobra's Dropbox, submit your completed assignment every Monday or Tuesday by 11:30pm
  5. Optional: For extra credit, choose a video to watch from "Graphic Design Tips and Tricks" on Summarize what you learned in the tutorial and comment on how you might make use of this "trick" in the future. Post the summary as part of your next homework post in Cobra.


Dropbox Tutorials (see calendar for exact dates) Files to upload
Lynda 1

Watch the video "Introducing Illustrator" Introduction/Welcome (4m)


Do the video tutorial "Introducing Illustrator"

  • Chapt 1 Document and Setup (28m)
  • Chapt 2 Drawing Fundamentals (27m)
  • Chapt 3 Text and Formatting (19m)
  • brandedclothing.pdf
  • incompleteface.pdf
  • customguides.pdf
  • stickersheet.pdf


Chapter 2 note: If you do not have a tablet, do the best you can with a mouse.


Chapter 3 note: Start with 'Sticker Sheet' and continue to use the same document throughout Chapter 3.

Lynda 2

Watch the video "InDesign Quick Start" Introduction (5m)


Do the video tutorial Chapter 1 "Learning InDesign in 30 Mintues" (23m)

  • Getting started
  • Adding and editing text
  • Adding or replacing graphics
  • Moving objects around
  • Printing and creating a PDF
  • 01_Brochure
Lynda 3

Watch the video "Illustrator CC 2015 One-on-One: Fundamentals" Pages of any size, at any angle (1m)


Do the video tutorial "2: Working with Artboards" (27m)

  • Using the Artboard tool
  • Undo, redo, and revert
  • Deleting and scaling artboards
  • Creating and duplicating artboards
  • 8-page newsletter.pdf
  • arrow tool slides.pdf
  • 8-page newsletter_2.pdf


Note: Rename the Ai document used in "Deleting and scaling artboards" to '8-page newsletter_v2


Lynda 4

Watch the video "Adobe Pen Tool: Fundamentals" Welcome (3m)


Do the video tutorial "1. The Building Blocks of Path Outlines" (12m)

  • Meet the black and white arrow tools
  • Anchor points, segments, and control handles
  • The three kinds of anchor points
Note: modify anchor points in files before saving as pdf
  • black and white arrow slides.pdf
  • point segments & handles.pdf
  • three kinds of points.pdf
Lynda 5

Do the video tutorial "Adobe Pen Tool: Fundamentals" 2. Using anchor points and control handles (18m)

  • Working with corner points
  • Adding and deleting anchor points
  • corner_point_demo.pdf
  • nothing_but_corner
Lynda 6 Watch the video tutorial "The Creative Spark" Von Glitschka, Illustrative Designer and extras (18m) Write a brief summery of the film. Save as PDF
Lynda 7

Watch the video tutorial "Introduction to Graphic Design" Chapter 3 Introduction to Color (22m)


  • Understanding the rules of color
  • RGB vs. CMYK explained
  • Exploring the psychology of color
  • Choosing the right colors of your designs
  • Solution: Create a color scheme (after completing the Challenge)

Do the tutorial "Challenge: Create a color scheme."

  • color_challenge.pdf

In a couple paragraphs, summerize what you learned in the videos. Save and upload as a PDF.


Note: grammar, spelling, and content will be considered when grading

Lynda 8

Do the tutorial tutorial "Photoshop for Designers: Color" 1. Color Concepts (16m)


  • colorwheel_begin.pdf
  • take a screen shot of Adobe Color and Abobe Photoshop app for 'Create a color theme from an image' at the end of the tutorial



Lynda 9

Do the tutorial tutorial "Photoshop for Designers: Color" 2. Working with Color (38m)


  • Demystifing the Color Picker
  • Understanding the role of foreground and background colors
  • Choosing colors
  • Managing swatches
  • Transparency
  • Color channels
  • Transparency: "stpauls_trans.pdf"


Note: Take a screenshot of your progress after each sub-chapter. Rename screenshot to match sub-chapter such as "choosing_colors.jpg" and upload to dropbox

Lynda 10

Do the video tutorials "Photoshop for Designers: Color" Chapt 3 Color Modes (20m)


  • Understanding additive and subtractive color
  • RGB mode
  • CMYK mode
  • Lab mode
  • Indexed mode
  • Grayscale mode
  • colormodes.pdf
  • colors_rgb.pdf
  • colors_cmyk.pdf
  • colors_lab.pdf
  • color_indexed.pdf
  • colors_gray.pdf


Lynda 11

Do the video tutorials "Photoshop for Designers: Color" Chapter 6 Selecting, Shifting, and Replacing Colors (17m)


  • Selecting color with the Magic Wand Selecting color with the Quick Selection tool
  • Selecting color with Color Range Neutralizing whites with the Multiply blend mode
  • Neutralizing blacks with the Screen blend mode
  • Masking colors with the Blend If sliders
  • sf1.pdf
  • waltzer.pdf
  • quickselection.pdf
  • colorrange.pdf
  • crates.pdf
  • multiply.pdf
  • screen.pdf
  • blend if.pdf
  • defringe.pdf
Lynda 12

Do the video tutorials "Photoshop for Designers: Color" Chapter 6 Selecting, Shifting, and Replacing Colors (14m)


  • Masking hair with a channel mask and removing contaminant colors
  • Shifting targeted colors using Hue/Saturation
  • Matching colors using Hue/Saturation Matching colors using the Match Color command
  • Matching colors using the Color blend modes
  • hue_saturation1.pdf
  • hue_saturation2.pdf
  • match_color2.pdf
  • img_5643.pdf
Lynda 13

Do the video tutorials "Photoshop for Designers: Color" Chapter 7 Saturating and Desaturating Colors (12m)


note: only complete the Ch 7 tutorials listed below


  • Saturating colors
  • Desaturating colors
  • Desaturating in Camera Raw
  • Creating a color accent with selective saturation
  • Increasing vibrancy
  • IMG_4603.pdf
  • IMG_9803.pdf
  • IMG_1148.pdf
  • IMG_0997.pdf
  • vibrance1.pdf
Lynda 14

Do the video tutorials "Photoshop for Designers: Color" Chapter 10 Colorize Images (12m)


note: only complete the Ch 10 tutorials listed below


  • Creating a hand-tinted portrait (the easy way)
  • Creating an Andy Warhol look


  • colorize.pdf
  • warholeffect.psd

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