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GDS 110 Typography I
Pinterest Assignment: Typography Survey

Instructor: Paul Young


To survey the range of creative typography visible around you. To identify various fonts and styles. To survey current trends in typography.


Type is everywhere. In this semester-long assignment, you will take inventory of the typography around you, both online and offline. Take pictures of fonts and typefaces wherever you go. Pick up printed samples and scan them. Look specifically for creative and unusual use of type. You must pin at least 10 typographic designs every week.

During the semester, showcase a broad range of examples. Consider the following categories:

  • Advertising (print, outdoor, direct mail, online, etc.)
  • Promotion (posters, brochures, displays, T-shirts, etc.)
  • Identity (logos, business cards, signs, bar napkins, etc.)
  • Packaging (products, CDs, DVDs, cartons, bags, etc.)
  • Publications (books, magazines, newspapers, catalogs, etc.)
  • Informational (graphs, maps, directional signs, etc.)
  • Other (tip: look for unusual applications of typography)

For each pin:

  • Identify the designer of the piece (if known)
  • Tag the pin with its function (#informational, #identity, #advertising, etc.)
  • Cite the source (where you found it)
  • Critique the design (why is this design creative? what makes the type arrangement interesting? how does the font choice help communicate the message?)

Extra credit:


  • One pin each week MUST come from an offline source (your own photograph, scans from pieces you pick up etc.)
  • Feel free to also use Parkland Library's resources.
  1. Create a Pinterest account if you don't already have one.
  2. Create a Pinterest board titled "Creative Typography" to collect all the pins for this assignment that you find both online and offline.
  3. Browse design blogs, other Pinterest boards, designer portfolios and other digital resources for typographic inspiration. Pick up printed pieces to scan. Have a camera with you wherever you go.
  4. Pin at least 10 of your favorite finds every week to your board. You can scan/upload your own images, re-pin existing pins or pin new ones using the bookmarklet, however you may NOT re-pin your classmates' pins.
  5. In your pin, write a brief caption (see notes above). Be sure to tag the pin.
  6. Present your Pinterest board for team critique and feedback every week by posting the URL to your "Creative Typography" Pinterest board as part of each week's Cobra homework assignment. While you only need to pin 10 a week, I encourage you to be prolific.
  7. Subscribe to your team member's Pinterest boards and "Like" your favorite pins from their boards.
  8. Before your midterm review, please create another board called "Creative Typography Original Scans." Re-pin your scans (or photos) to this board for grading. You will not receive full credit for your pins if we can't locate your scans.

Bonus points may be awarded for quality and quantity. Pin away!


Your updated "Creative Typography" board is due Thursday at 11:30pm every week. You must also comment on your classmates' pins by Saturday at 11:30pm.


Present your "Creative Typography Original Scans" board for review at midterm and at the end of the semester. You should have at least 12 original scans or photos by the end of the semester.


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