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GDS 120 Graphic Design I
Demo: Cleaning Up Concept Sketches

Instructors: Liza Wynette and Paul Young


To clean up scanned concept sketches using Abobe Photoshop


Scanned images always need adjusting before they are ready to present for critique or a client. In this demo, we will cover the basics of color and levels correction in Abobe Photoshop.


prepping for the exercise

prepping for the exercise

  1. download starter file
  2. open 'aiga-shirt.png' in photoshop
  3. image > mode > grayscale
  4. window > info: observe paper color and contrast

adjusting the image

  1. crop tool (keyboard shortcut C): rotate image, crop
  2. image > rotate canvas (if needed)
  3. image > adjustment > levels
  4. filter > sharpen > unsharp mask
  5. file > export > save for web: preset = jpeg high, width = 1000px
  6. save > location "html"

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