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GDS 122 Graphic Design II
Blog: Creative Concepts

Instructor: Paul Young



To be inspired by award-winning graphic design. To become familiar with graphic design publications. To survey current trends in photography, illustration, advertising and design. To use blogs as a reflection tool.


Creativity is highly valued in the marketing communications industry. The first step to creating a creative portfolio is to recognize "creativity" when you see it. In this semester-long assignment, you will research and collect a broad range of creative graphic design solutions from these resources:

Note: Internet links must come from one of the above curated resources (yes, great Internet links can be found in books and periodicals). You will not receive credit for your post if you can not cite an original source from one the above "approved" resources.

Extra credit: Email me recommendations to add to the above resources. Quality finds will earn extra points (the higher the quality, the more points).

  1. Start a new blog specifically for this assignment. Title your blog appropriately for the assigned topic. Choose a clean template that will show off your content. Post only blog entries that relate to the topic for this semester.
  2. Visit the above curated resources every week. Scan or download at least one example of a creative concept every week and post it to your blog. In your blog entry, discuss what specifically attracted you to this example and why the piece is "creative." Be sure to cite the original curated source of your image.
  3. Present your blog for team critique and feedback every week by posting your blog's web address as part of each week's Cobra Learning homework assignment (starting with Homework #2). Revise your blog as needed for grading at midterm and at the end of the semester.
  4. Read the posts of the team members in your assigned group every week. Encourage each other to seek out high quality designs when you reply to their Cobra post.

Important: This is a graded assignment. Spelling, grammar, clarity of thought and adherence to assignment specifications will count towards your grade.


Your weekly blog posts are due every Wednesday at 11:30pm as part of your weekly Cobra discussion post (starting with Homework #2). Your blog will be graded twice this semester: once at midterm and once at final review.

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