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GDS 122 Graphic Design II
Homework Assignments

Instructor: Paul Young



To learn about the graphic design profession and client relationships through textbook reading and other assignments. To explore resources for information literacy, visual literacy, inspiration, productivity and communication. To become independent lifelong learners.


Using discussion forums, students will work in teams to check each other's reading comprehension of the required textbook Design Thinking for Visual Communication and other assignments.

Your weekly discussion post must also include a link to your Blog which should be updated every week.

Note: This is a peer-reviewed assignment. The quality of the work you do will be graded by your classmates. Extra credit is also available for student who do additional tutorials when prompted in Cobra.

  1. Login to your Cobra Learning account every week via or
  2. Select "CONTENT," then select the assignment for the week and follow the instructions
  3. Post your completed assignment by Wednesday (spelling, grammar and clarity of thought count!)
  4. Read and respond to at least 6 of your classmates by Saturday (respond to your team members first, then respond to posts that have the least number of responses)
  5. While responding to your classmates' posts, score their homework assignment by assigning one to five stars to their posts based on the grading rubric below
Grading Rubric All components completed Most components completed Some components missing
Excellent content and clarity of thought (with no spelling/grammar errors) 5 Stars 4 Stars 3 Stars
Good content and clarity of thought (and/or some spelling/grammar errors) 4 Stars 3 Stars 2 Stars
Poor content (and/or many spelling/grammar errors) 3 Stars 2 Stars 1 Star

Your initial post is due Wednesday at 11:30pm of every week. You must also respond to your teammates' posts by the following Saturday at 11:30pm.

Note: Homework assignments are graded pass/fail. Full credit will be given each week only if both parts of the assignment are completed on time.

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