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GDS 271 Interactive Design
Lynda Tutorials

Instructor: Paul Young


To learn advanced technical skills through self-guided video tutorials on To become independent lifelong learners.


Every week, you will be assigned video tutorial(s) on (see playlist). Completed Lynda tutorials will be graded pass/fail (based on the quality of your submission). Parkland provides free access to for all current students. First time users: please read this Knowledgebase article.

Note: Credit will be given each week only if your assignment is uploaded to Cobra's dropboxes on time.

  1. Login to your account every week from or
  2. View the playlist for this class, download the exercise file(s) and do the tutorial(s) for the week (see schedule below)
  3. Publish the finished tutorial file(s) in the proper format
  4. Using Cobra's Dropbox, submit your completed assignment every Tuesday by 11:30pm

Tutorials (see calendar for exact dates)

Files to upload

Lynda 1

Muse: New Features

  • (all) (1h 19m)

Muse Essential Training

  • Intro (36m)

Lynda 2

Muse Essential Training

  • Chapt 1 Core Concepts (13m)
  • Chapt 2 Getting to Know Adobe Muse (26m)
  • Chapt 3 Creating Your Site (19m)

Lynda 3

Muse Essential Training

  • Chapt 4 Working with Pages (20m)
  • Chapt 5 Working with Graphics (24m)

Lynda 4

Muse Essential Training

  • Chapt 6 Creating and Formatting Objects (37m)
  • Chapt 7 Working with Text (30m)

Lynda 5

Muse Essential Training

  • Chapt 8 Working with Color (8m)
  • Chapt 9 Working with Hyperlinks (13m)
  • Chapt 10 Creating Menus in Muse (19m)

Lynda 6

Muse Essential Training

  • Chapt 11 Working with Widgets (42m)

Lynda 7

Muse Essential Training

  • Chapt 12 Working with HTML (9m)
  • Chapt 13 Working with Parallax Scrolling (12m)

Lynda 8

Muse Essential Training

  • Chapt 14 Creating Mobile and Tablet Sites (19m)
  • Chapt 15 Publishing Your Website (17m)
  • Conclusion (1m)

Lynda 9

Building a Single-Page Website in Muse

  • Chapt 1 Initial Setup and Planning (18m)
  • Chapt 2 Adding Content to Your Website (22m)

Lynda 10

Building a Single-Page Website in Muse

  • Chapt 3 Styling the Content (36m
  • Chapt 4 Making Your Website Scroll (11m)

Lynda 11

Designing a Responsive Mobile Website with Muse

  • Introduction (9m)
  • Chapt 1 Creating a Website (18m)
  • Chapt 2 Creating Fluid and Fixed Elements (18m)

Lynda 12

Designing a Responsive Mobile Website with Muse

  • Chapt 3 Adding Content to Your Website (15m)
  • Chapt 4 Creating Layouts for Tablet and Mobile Devices (18m)

Lynda 13

Designing a Responsive Mobile Website with Muse

  • Chapt 5 Making Flexible Graphics (8m)
  • Chapt 6 Testing and Uploading (12m)

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