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PRESIDENT/CEO: Responsible for the business side of the studio. Acts as human resources manager when hiring or terminating personnel. Assigns personnel to clients and/or projects. Also responsible for new business development and promotion of the Studio. For Studio 292, your instructor acts as the President/CEO.

VICE PRESIDENT: Assists the president in managing the agency. Depending on the size of the agency, there may be several VPs with specific responsibilities. For Studio 292, your instructor may act as VP of Technical Services in order to support various software training needs.

CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Manages the creative team which may include art directors, writers, producers, etc. Responsible for making sure creative strategy stays on target to meet client objectives. Works under the direct supervision of the President/CEO.

ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE: Responsible for all communication between client and studio. Other responsibilities include: making presentations, budgeting, estimating, invoicing, record keeping, writing briefs and memos. Collaborates in the creative process with the Creative Director and Art Director. Often performs copywriting duties. Works under the direct supervision of the President/CEO.

ART DIRECTOR: Develops concepts to solve clients' marketing and promotion objectives. Commissions photography and illustration when needed. Assists the Account Executive when making presentations. Works under the direct supervision of the Creative Director.

GRAPHIC ARTIST: Handles the production and execution of concepts developed by the art director. Assists the art director on preparing for presentations. Works under the direct supervision of the Art Director.

Students who successfully complete this course may add the following item to their résumé (suggested wording, edit as needed):

"Art director, graphic artist and account executive for Studio 292, a student-run graphic design studio. Designed and produced logos, posters, advertising campaigns for a variety of clients including: Champaign-Urbana Symphony, McGown Photography, That's Rentertainment."