Graphic Design / Interactive Design / Fine & Applied Arts / Parkland College

GDS 293 Portfolio Seminar
Field Trip 2: Hobbico

Instructor: Paul Young


To see and experience real world creative and production environments. To meet and talk with working professionals in the field.


We have been invited to visit several places of business where our host will give a presentation on what they do and how they do it. We will have the opportunity to interact with other professionals in our industry and to ask them questions about their work and employment opportunities.


Thursday March 8 at 1pm
Hobbico (
2904 Research Rd, Champaign, IL

  1. Visit each host's website before the field trip (linked above when available). It always helps to know a little about each location before your visit.
  2. Write down a few questions you may wish to ask during your field trip.
  3. Please arrange your own car pooling. If you are driving, familiarize yourself with the area by inspecting the map link above. It is recommended that you arrive early. Anticipate traffic and parking problems. If you are late, you may not be allowed to join the tour.
  4. When you are in our host’s space, please show respect by not talking amongst yourselves or making unnecessary noise. There will always be a question-and-answer period during the tour. If at all possible, save your questions until then.
  5. Note taking is highly recommended. Material covered during field trips could be on the quiz scheduled later this semester.

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