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“There's no feeling quite like taking a project from start to finish and having it work well.”

Staci Anderson

Alumni Profile:
Staci Anderson


Staci AndersonHometown: Champaign
Year graduated: 2010
Currently working at: Green Room Studios
(Champaign IL)

How does it feel to be a professional designer: Not sure professional is the right word but it still feels great to be a designer. It's a great way to use my creative side. There's no feeling quite like taking a project from start to finish and having it work well. When that happens it just feels like magic. A little corny I know but it's just so much fun to have an idea in your head and then be able to make it come to life.

How do you like your job: I love working for myself. I've been doing both graphic design and video editing and can't decide which it better. I would say graphic design is a little easier of the two. With video projects there are so many different ways to do the edits. I have to just trust my gut that I'm putting them in the right places. I still love video editing but I notice myself getting a little more stressed with those projects.

What was the most exciting project you've worked on since graduation: I've tried to work on many different projects just to have a wide variety of portfolio samples. Each one is exciting in its own way because I learn a little more from each project I take on. I enjoy growing as a graphic designer. If I had to choose a favorite project, it would be the logo I recently worked for a local flight club. I was super nervous about the project because logos are not my strong suit. For the longest time I just researched other logos. When the idea finally did come to me it was super easy from then on and the logo turned out great. Now the flight group wants to have the logo printed on T-shirts and hats and I'm beyond proud that it was my work.

What do you wish you would have done differently when you were at Parkland: I wish I had pushed myself more. I think I was intimidated by the other students so at times I didn't try as hard as I could have. Right after I graduated I knew that my work was not very good so of course it was a little discouraging. I didn't think I could compete with other designers. But with each new project I learned a little more and pushed myself a little further. Now I can finally say I'm proud of my work.

Who is your favorite designer and why: I wish I could say I had a favorite designer but I don't. When I'm looking for inspiration I try to focus on the the style the client wants. I've never really found a style or designer that I could say was my favorite.

What is your favorite typeface and why: I seem to always want to choose Futura. I'm just always drawn to it and I feel it's pleasing to the eye.

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