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“I was surprised to see how many things you have to check to really be consistent with your design.”

Beatriz Perez

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Beatriz Perez


Beatriz PerezHometown: Madrid, Spain
Year graduated: 2010 
Currently working at: 
International Society of Arboriculture (ISA)

How did you get this job: There was an internship position posted on Parkland's graphic design website and I applied for it. I first worked a year as an intern and then they sponsored me to get my work visa so that I could join ISA's team on a full-time basis.

How do you like your job: I have the chance to work on a variety of projects which keeps my excitement up all the time. Also, working in-house allows me to know and understand "my client" better so that I can be more on target with my design solutions.

What was the most exciting project you've worked on since graduation: There was more than one. In fact, there were three that I really enjoyed. The first one was the design of 6 retractable banners for conferences (it was the first time I worked on such a large scale). The second one was the design of the ISA's 2013 product catalog. The last one, but not the least one is the design of my first book. This project taught me to be more patient to stay focused longer on a project in order to attend to all the details. I was surprised to see how many things you have to check to really be consistent with your design.

What were some of the most important things you learned while at Parkland: Working collaboratively with clients and being selective on the pieces you add into your portfolio are very important things I learned at Parkland. But also to be able to separate your feelings from the designs you do, which is no longer "yours," but really belong to the client. Ultimately, they have the final say.

How does it feel to be a professional designer: At the beginning it felt intimidating, but working with good professionals around you and knowing you are doing what you like the most is the key to feeling comfortable in whatever you do.

What is your favorite typeface and why: I have several that I like, but Gill Sans is still one of my favorites. It's a classic face that is simple and clean with some playful touches that I enjoy.

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