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“It feels wonderful getting paid to do something that you love.”

Kerstin Zauke

Alumni Profile:
Kerstin Zauke


Kerstin ZaukeHometown: Philadelphia, PA
Currently working as: Website designer and front-end developer at Accuraty Solutions (Champaign IL)

How does it feel to be a professional designer:
It feels wonderful getting paid to do something that you love.

How do you like your job: My job is fantastic. I actually really enjoy both design and development, so it is exciting to have the opportunity to do both. I also couldn't ask for better co-workers, and there is free coffee available.

What was the most exciting project you've worked on since graduation: It would have to be The Delta Kings' new website. The website was a fun project designed to entertain the audience, so we got to play with a lot of new widgets and experiment with multi-media technologies that we don't normally have the opportunity to use. The band also proved to be fantastic clients, which made a fun project even better.

What were some of the most important things you learned while at Parkland: At Parkland I learned to professionally present my ideas to actual clients, evaluate feedback, take criticism, and work within a deadline. I think the one of the most important things I got out of Parkland though is some great connections with an awesome community of designers.

What are you learning now: With web design there is always something new to learn that can help make your designs better. Right now I'm learning C#, SQL, and experimenting with HTML5.

What do you do when you're not designing: I like to hike, draw, read, visit cemeteries, and research family history, but what I really love is geocaching. Some of the most awesome ideas I've seen are everyday objects hidden right under your nose, and it is really inspiring to see that kind of creativity.

What is your favorite typeface and why: I'm pretty much a fan of all Jos Buivenga's fonts, but I think my favorite is Museo Sans.

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