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“Design must seduce, shape, and perhaps more importantly, evoke emotional response.”

April Greiman

Parkland Facilities & Computer Labs


Built on 233 acres of landscaped grounds in Champaign, Illinois, Parkland College is one of the most advanced community colleges in the nation. Our facilities include an FM radio station, an educational TV station, and an art gallery where graphic design and interactive design students showcase their work every year. Our cultural center contains a 320-seat performing arts theater and a 50-foot dome planetarium, the second largest in Illinois. Parkland also has a child development center to serve the needs of faculty, staff, students, and families in our community.


The graphic design and interactive design programs use a fully-equipped Macintosh computer lab with 20 workstations. The classroom is equipped with high-speed internet connections, an LCD projector, and the latest version of the Adobe Creative Suite.


Students are able to use the computer labs whenever there are no classes scheduled. Entry to open lab is by specially programmed card keys issued to registered students. Parkland College has a total of 48 fully-equipped Macintosh workstations in three rooms for students to use.


The Giertz Gallery at Parkland College hosts seven exhibits every year including two annual exhibitions of student work (see past graphic design and interactive design exhibitions). In addition, the gallery also presents exhibition by contemporary artists of regional and national status including graphic designers like Art Chantry and illustrators like Chris Sickels.


Parkland's library has a collection of over 120,000 volumes including an up-to-date collection of design-related books, annuals and periodicals. We make an attempt to purchase every significant new title useful to graphic designers that Parkland's budget will allow.

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