PechaKucha Champaign-Urbana Vol. 11


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Who will be presenting?

PechaKucha Night returns again with a brand new line-up of creative minds from Champaign-Urbana's deep pool of talent. We've brought together ten new speakers from diverse backgrounds to share their passions and insights, all in PK's much-loved 20x20 format.

Luke Boyce: 
5 Movies That Literally Changed the World

Luke Boyce grew up the child of a graphic artist father, and idolized his sense of imagination and wonder. Then, in 1988, after reading a children's biography of Steven Spielberg, he firmly decided he wanted to spend the rest of his life making movies. In 2006, Luke focused his passions into a career by starting an award-winning new media development and film production company called Shatterglass Studios. Since then, he's gone on to direct and produce numerous award-winning short and feature-length films, commercials and promotional pieces. In October 2012, Shatterglass was awarded the Small Business of the Year award from the Champaign County Chamber of Commerce.

Vanessa and Doug Burgett:
20 Collaborations x 20 Days

Vanessa and Doug Burgett are two graphic designers that work at the University of Illinois and live in beautiful Champaign, IL. They have three cats — two are nice and one is ornery. Vanessa is the 2012 President of UCDA (University & College Designers Association). At home she has the self-designated title of Director of Domestic Affairs. Doug is the Chair of the University of Illinois Webmasters. At home he has the self-designated title of Maintenance Man. Vanessa is the funnier one, but she let's Doug think he is. Web links: and

Michael Coulter:
Ideas, and How to Stop Them

Michael Coulter is a video producer and a writer for He enjoys spending time with his lovely dog and his three feisty wives. Actually, that should be the other way around, lovely wife, three feisty dogs. He spends a lot of time coming up with ideas and usually does this with a drink on his face and a smile in his hand. Actually, that should be the other way around, too…maybe.

Jonas Dees:
If your jeans could talk would you like what they have to say?

Jonas has an addiction to quality made goods and clothes. When he's not buying clothes he works full-time as the Program Manager for Parkland's Computer Science and Information Technology Department. Jonas also works as a freelance web designer and strives to make beautiful and useful things. Jonas lives in Champaign but his heart belongs to the Internet. Web link:

Raeann Dossett:
Information Apocalypse!

Raeann is a librarian at Parkland College who loves to use novels as inspiration for travel. All things piquant and salty and fresh interest her. Her PechaKucha presentation was inspired by her recent visit to ancient library sites in Greece and Turkey, and ruminations over white wine and an anchovy and green olive pizza. Web link:

Rebecca Grosser:
World's Fastest Sing-Along

Rebecca Grosser has had several careers including mom, field biologist, production weaver and library clerk. She currently works as a graphic designer in the marketing department at Parkland College. She has lived in C-U most of her life, which is surprising since she came to town to attend the university. She has been making music in public and private since her teens and currently performs with the Big Bluestem String Band specializing in "traditional tunes and songs of love, merriment and mayhem."

Kaizad Irani:
the INNER SANCTUM - Sacred spaces and Healing Spaces

Kaizad has taught courses in landscape design, construction, business management, and design graphics at Parkland College for eight years, during which time he has developed the Landscape Design, Construction, and Management Program into a full AAS degree program. Kaizad is distinguished by his passion for design, his focus on community, and his commitment to his teaching. His contagious enthusiasm instills him and his students with extraordinary energy and dedication in an environment where creativity and innovation are encouraged. Kaizad does not just set out ambitious goals — he motivates people to deliver. He enjoys exotic teas, riding his Harley, and martial arts while pursuing his quest and practice of the genius of human spirit as embodied in the landscapes and architecture of the past and the present.

Tom Ramage
Extreme paintball

Tom is a guy in search of a hobby. Despite several "all-in" attempts in a variety of different arenas, finding one that sticks for more than a year has proven difficult. Outside of his family life and his responsibilities as president of Parkland College, Tom has tried golfing, biking, boating, soccer, paintball, canoeing, and 5k races. Only a couple of these hobbies have survived for more than a year. Web link:

Jennifer Smith:
Learning to Live Legendary

Two years ago Jennifer Smith decided she could no longer compete in her quest to become the next Super Woman. She hung up her cape, left her dream job, and focused on being a Professional Cancer Patient and mom to her 6 year old son dubbed "her favorite." During this time, Jennifer has discovered even greater super powers…and it's all about Learning to Live Legendary. Web link:

Cathie Stalter:
Cars, Cars, Cars

Cathie Stalter has enjoyed a variety of career experiences including real estate, construction, and education. She is inquisitive by nature, loves adventure, exploring and is curious as to how things work and are put together. She had some fascinating conversations while attending Parkland's Annual Car Show last May and will share with us the stories behind the cars.