MEET THE PROS is a lecture series featuring local heroes from the Champaign-Urbana creative community


Wednesday, April 10, 2013
Champaign Public Library
200 West Green Street
Champaign, IL

If "a picture paints a thousand words" and using visuals with text increases retention, then Precision Graphics has immeasurably enhanced the art and science of learning. Sneak a peek under the covers of textbook illustration and design with Precision Graphics' Jan Troutt (Vice President of Publishing Services) and Heidi Richter (Certified Medical Illustrator and Senior Illustrator) as they highlight the successes and challenges that they've faced in an ever-changing world of illustration, design and animation.

Founded in 1977 by Jeff Mellander, Precision Graphics is the largest educational textbook illustration studio in the United States today. Jan Troutt, a Precision Graphics mainstay for over 24 years, has seen the transition from one-color line drawings to today’s highly illustrated, full-color textbooks and media projects. Heidi Richter has melded her love of science and evolution with skills learned at the University of Toronto Biomedical Communications program as one of the team of illustrators at Precision Graphics.

With clients that include National Geographic, Scientific American, Pearson, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, The World Bank, Precision Graphics' client list includes all the major textbook publishers as well as high-tech corporations. Join us as Jan and Heidi show how Precision Graphics is leading the transition from the traditional static book to highly interactive digital learning.

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MEET THE PROS is presented by Graphic Design at Parkland College.
This event is sponsored by Champaign Public Library, CUDO and 40 North/88 West

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